Roof leakage solution to prevent water damage.Roof leakage problems with Hypertectum-the liquid roofing.

Roof leak

Water damage caused by roof leaks occur

A roof leak is a common problem that is always inappropriate. Protect Coating is THE supplier of advanced waterproof coatings to prevent roof leakage. Our waterproofing and protective coating is used by many specialists in redevelopment or repair of a leaking roof.

The cause of a roof leak on a flat roof?

Roof leaks are usually caused by a poor and mainly old roof. By clogging the water remains on the flat roofs are where the bad condition of the roof leads to a roof leak.

Besides the water through a leaking roof, a roof leak if timely action is taken to decay or even collapse. It is important to repair leaking as soon as possible and to provide a high water sealing protective coating.

Roof leakage prevention or remedy.

Repairing a leaking roof with our high quality water seal coating no problem.
Our high Hypertectum coating is used by many specialists to waterproof flat roofs. For more information about the prevention and treatment of roof leakage contact us.

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Hypertectum coating against roof leakage

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