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Protect Coating Coating Company

Supplier of high performance coatings.

Protect Coating is a company that delivers high performance coatings for both the renovation, industrial and construction sector and for individuals. Our company offers a wide range of coatings that provide the best protection against heat, cold, moisture, sunlight, acids and corrosion.

Our high quality durable coatings are suitable for:

  • Roofing and complex of flat roofs, roof insulation, redevelopment, dakreparatiee, dakonderhoud and treating and preventing against daklekkage.
  • The waterproofing of basements, bathrooms, balconies, roof terraces, verandas, patios, pools, irrigation canals, storage tanks and silos.
  • The insulation of walls, roofs, refrigerated containers, tanks, trailers, mobile homes, and buses.
  • The encapsulation of rust or old paint containing lead and zinc from pipelines, bridges, boats, roofs, silos & storage tanks and constructions.

Protect Coating Coating Company is a part of ETS Europe, a dynamic company that can turn one years experience in construction chemicals.
Ets-Europe is a supplier of high quality, non-ordinary building materials.
We try our innovative products to meet the increasing demand from our customers. When quality comes first for you, we have the right products.

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