Water repellent Pro Stone-ProStone moistureWater repellent Pro Stone-ProStone with anti-graffiti operation

Pro Stone

Moisture and oil repellent water-based product with an anti-graffiti operation

Pro Stone is a product oil repellent moisture and water-based with an anti-graffiti. The surface is protected against the ingress of water degradation by rain and whipped rain, oil and pollution.


Pro Stone Properties:

  • Pro Stone is Smell – and colourless
  • Pro Stone is 100% water vapour permeability
  • Pro Stone is 100% invisible
  • Pro Stone is non-toxic
  • Pro Stone is easy to apply
  • Pro Stone is protects against UV rays
  • Pro Stone is protects against other chemical products
  • Pro Stone has an anti-graffiti effect
  • Protection of Windows and chassis is not required to make Pro Stone


UNESCO - Bescherming van het werelderfgoedPro Stone came as most appropriate anti-graffiti product from the
"A x p r o j e c t u m, Experimentation on anti graffiti products".
This test was conducted by the ICCROM .
ICCROM was founded in 1959 by the UNESCO and is one of the three bodies responsible for the protection of the world heritage.


What is the usefulness of Pro Stone?

Your outside walls, facades and walls especially targeted towards the South and the West, get the hard to endure by the action of rain, snow, pollution, wind, Frost, UV rays, temperature fluctuations, etc. The material is dirt, it changes and ages. By your walls and Pro Stone facades to handle with moisture, a complex – and oliewerende water-based formula, she gives you a real "raincoat" that she protects against Frost, water, oil and air pollution. In addition, the treatment increases the thermal insulation.


Application Pro stone:

  • Pro Stone with a low pressure pump (type of garden pump) at low pressure (1 à 2 bar).
  • Pro make Stone on a vertical surface, in 2 successive layers, wet on wet.
  • Pro Stone not to rain again or frost.


Consumption Pro Stone:

  • Natural stone 0.6-6 m²/l
  • Brick 4 m²/l
  • Architectural
  • Concrete 4 m²/l
  • Marble (not polished) 12-15 m²/l
  • Granite (not polished) 1 2-15 m²/l


More information about Pro stone?

If you want to know more about Pro Stone or a tailor-made advice? Please contact one of our advisors.


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