Basements waterproofing against rising damp and damp walls.Humidity Troubleshooting Hypertectum our PB coating.

Waterproofing basements

Moisture Problems by leaks or rising damp?

A damp or wet basement due to leakage or damp is a problem which many people are experiencing. Because this room is often partially below the groundwater level, exposure to moisture is a daily reality for basements.

Disadvantages of a damp or wet basement

Vochtproblemen in een kelder. There are many disadvantages associated with moisture problems in a basement. A wet basement creates a musty, damp air and eventually mold. Also, masonry and joints in the liquor to suffer. It is for your health, comfort and your energy bill also important to take action.

Basement waterproofing

To the problems, you should waterproof your basement. With our special coating Hypertectum use your basement waterproofing. This prevents moisture reaching the inside and cause mold. Hypertectum coating makes your cellar hygiene, healthier and more energy efficient.
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Waterproofing of wet dresser with Hypertectum PB coating.

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