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Rust Grip

Final encapsulating coating against rust

Rust Grip is a single component ready aluminum pigmented polyurethane coating that cures by absorption of atmospheric moisture. After curing, Rust Grip is an extremely high performance protective coating with an extremely strong adhesion, elasticity, abrasion and shock resistance. This coating is resistant to weathering, UV rays and the most aggressive chemical solvents.

Rust Grip is designed and patented for the encapsulation of rust, asbestos and lead-or zinc paint. Originally designed for metal surfaces, has an excellent grip Rust adhesion to wood, concrete and various other substrates. This unique capability is achieved through the curing of the base polymer.

The coating penetrates the micro pores of the substrate where the curing begins and anchoring. The polymer literally begins to swell and develop a network of closely interconnected pores.

Rust Grip is suitable for zinc-containing primers to replace, this is an expensive preparation like sand blasting necessary.

Rust Grip is highly recommended as a base coat of Super Therm, but can also be used independently without finish.

Rust grip in 1 layer is used as raw, intermediate and finish!

Typical applications

Is mainly applied to prevent rust or old lead and zinc-based paint layers to encapsulate the following software:

  • pipelines
  • bridges
  • ships
  • roofs
  • silos & storage tanks
  • structures

Also used as reinforcing and moisture protective coating include:

  • concrete (eg floors)
  • metal
  • Wood
  • asbestos fiber sheets
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Rust Grip coating - Final encapsulating coating against rust

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